About Us

A biography of Hoot & Jade

How did Hoot learn to cook. We have to give God all the glory here. We both lived the life of addiction. On the streets and had given everything up. All gone. After our testimony of How God Found Us, we began a life of rehabilitation except I still struggled. I was always the functioning addict. I had learned well, been taught well and had years of practice. My addiction would flip flop. I had truly been set free from meth but the opiates had me hung. I could not drop the habit for more than a year. It was my go to for everything and I had a love for them, but I also had a love greater, Jesus. In my last relapse and recovery about 5 years ago, my husband really gave me his all.  I could not cook but it was on my long list of daily duties. I couldn’t even make cereal taste good, that’s how bad I was at it. Despite my disease, health and wellness were always my passion.  Even as a kid I had this odd unique knowledge of nutrition.  I believe it is my gift.  My family was accustomed to organic, fresh, whole foods and a very active lifestyle.  My husband, who was raised the opposite now had to make dinner. It was his offer of support to a wife who needed help and could not cook.  The day we discovered his gift, he looked in the pantry and saw nothing, and said,  “What am I suppose to do?” He had never made anything. Then something magical would happen and we’d have a dinner that was unforgettable. I really thought nothing of it and didn’t truly realize his gift until the Lord began to birth the restaurant.  He came to a whole new level of greatness through food. Building businesses and taking them to new heights are my passion.  Smoothies are my expertise. I’m just good at perfecting. Blending certain fruits and veggies together is more of a perfect match then an art. And the rest is all Jesus. 

What is Wholesome To Go?

Wholesome, LLC serves meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for those on the go.  We provide informational facts, nutritional facts, quick snacks, dinners to go, detox plans, cleanses, and weekly meal plans.  

WHOLESOME, LLC is here to serve Parker County and beyond.  We are here to shine in love and growth of every individual’s needs and desires to live a wholesome lifestyle.  Our goal is to bring to each person the  reward of filling our bodies with necessary nutrition, offer awareness and education of food and diet choices.  Wholesome thrives in educating ourselves and our clients with factual and proved nutritional information of foods and meals to help create the perfect balanced diet for every lifestyle.  We are committed to walking with those battling disease and illness and are honored to serve those who have balanced wellness.  We are rewarded by research and development.  What we buy to create a meal is carefully considered through research to ensure every item is best selected.  Our goal is to continue to grow and provide many opportunities to serve you in health, wellness, diet, nutrition, and lifestyle choices.

We need and love your support and hope to provide you an alternative market for the best you.

-Hoot & Jade 

With all the glory going to our Father in Heaven.

A Wholesome Legacy

Why Wholesome?  We want to share with the community the importance of healthy living.  Our success started with a community craving health and wellness.  A building in the heart of Weatherford provided the perfect place to eat while allowing us to take a stand and make a start.  Through COVID we continued to grow and knew the importance of bringing the concept to each and every community.  We are now a mobile kitchen providing our clients meals for each week, detox packages, and full body cleanses while focusing on opening locations through out America and partnering with venture capitalist to bring about real change to our food industry.  We carefully select our portions and put our meals together by ingredients.  When you eat healthy you feel better and the right nutrients fill you longer. The highest quality in food with perfect portions.  We know the Lord is calling us to share our research and our gifts to you and to the nation.  Wholesome will go forth and make it’s name as far as it can.  If you have a passion in food,  desire to bring awareness, and your community is seeking a new opportunity, let us know.  Franchising has already began.  Wholesome will continue to be the best meals for the average day.  Our goal is to be in every community serving your family from ours.

Organic, whole foods To Go

“So, whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it ALL for the Glory of God”

1 Corinthians 10:31