Fresh Meals on the go and picked up Monday.  Delivery available through Door Dash.  Special Requests made by calling 817-594-7575.  

    Great for a busy week, a new diet, or a lifestyle change.

It’s easy.  Fill out your meal card for the week and submit to  If you need help or have certain goals or restrictions, let us know.  We are educated in assisting you to make the best selections to fit your new eating habits.


 5 Day Complete Cleanse $180 

3 Day Advanced Juice Detox $90 

 Complete Cleanse: 3 meals and a snack for Day 1 to prep the body for the juice fast.  3 juices, broth, & a wellness shot for 3 days. Day 5 meals to break fast and transition the body.

 Advanced Detox: 3 juices, broth and wellness shot for 3 days

 If fasting is too strenuous for your approach, try a 5 day plant based cleanse. a raw vegan diet.  $200

Weight loss

Our weight loss program is affordable and life changing.  Schedule your appointment today.  Open Tuesday thru Thursday, 9 am to 1 pm.  Weekly and monthly sessions.  Starting at $72 per visit.