Fresh Meals on the go and picked up daily.

    Great for a busy week, a new diet, or a lifestyle change.

Its easy.  Stop in, pick up a menu card and fill out your meals for the week.  If you need help or have certain goals or restrictions, let us know.  Our staff is educated in assisting you to make the best selections to fit your new eating habits.


A  true detox.  Thorough and exhilarating.  This in-house program is an easy step by step and day by day detox cleanse.  Our staff is here to assist you.  

In house program ~ 6 day cleanse

Day 1 & 2 are pre-cleanse vegan meals.  Days 3,4,5 are a juice fast.  Day 6 is water fortified meals to break your fast and provide your body the perfect transition from the best detox.  $90 for 2 meals on meal days and 2 juices on fasting days.  $180 for 3 meals plus snacks on meal days and 4 juices on fasting days.

Family Dinners

We look forward to providing your dinner at home.

Serving size from 4-10 @ $10 per person.

Rice, kabobs, (your choice of veggie or chicken & veggie) tortillas, (gluten free & paleo) and salad.

Take home a nutritious dinner and make it your own.  Eat it fresh, bake it, saute it, or grill it.  Have fun & eat wholesome.

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     Striving to provide the highest in quality.       Health, Nutrition, Wellness, & Lifestyle.


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Nutritional info

Healthy Eating and Wellness are a lifestyle.

Are you ready to sign up for DETOX or the Full Plate?  Click on the link below to fill out your meal card!

Wellness Coach

Changing food habits can be feel tough, we are here to show you its easy.

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Wholesome loves to cater to special events.


We are so excited to reach for the stars.

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